Au falcon heater not working

Australian culture dictates that you need to be either a Ford or a Holden fan. It also dictates that you need to be an overweight slob, living in the suburbs and routinely beat your wife.

We have built a culture that we are proud of and no one knows why. Drinking beer out of cans, putting sofas on the front porch and doing burnouts in the driveway. As much as the patriotic suburban pie eating slob feels he is backing the Australian economy assuming he even knows what that word means the fact still remains that in the global car market both Holden and Ford are not really contenders.

Starting at the rear of the car. The common Ford diff bushes problem started with these cars and the hand brake mechanism is just stupid. Moving forward, commonly known for transmission faults. Engine mounts splitting and power steering problems. The BA was so superb that the push rod in the brake booster was commonly known to hold the brake master cylinder on. This gave you the results of driving with one foot on the brake all the time.

The brakes cooked, the rotors warped and the steering wheel shuddered. In similar fashion to the early model Territories these cars are made of Duplo. Everything plastic inside the car is known to break. Bonnet release cables, inner door handles and the centre console crumble in your hand the third time you use them. The seat rails break, ignition coils fail and the TPS sensor is known for behaving like a fat kid in a public swimming pool.

Engine wise these cars are not too bad. They are the same engine being used since Longshanks took one on his crusades. They are known for leaking inlet manifold gasket and timing chain tensioner leaks. Add a whole new level of rubbish, they released a turbo charged XR6 model. Enter every young bloke who ever thought of touching himself whilst his parents went out to dinner. The XR6 Turbo is a poor excuse for a performance car. Face it kiddos you bought a four door taxi so you could pick up multiple women of questionable morals outside Mona Vale Hotel on a Thursday night.

Just a pile of tinny shit which dents every time you walk near it and rusts out from under you. Not all of them are rubbish. Whilst most of the vehicles with a Ford badge on them are very average the Ford Ranger seems to be an amazing car.

au falcon heater not working

Whilst this was a funny read. I had a BF sedan for 5yrs. I think is you look after any car, you can make it last, even one that gives you grief. These falcons are great for parts, service is cheap, since I serviced it myself. Obviously holden heads.I have a water heater AquaMax that isn't working. It doesn't seem to be getting any gas, or that I just can't seem to light it.

I don't smell anything either. All valves are open, from street to meter, from meter to heater. When I turn on the hot water tap, it's just all cold water. Seems that the piping is blocked? Or the ignition is not working? I guess I'm looking for a bargain to solve my issue. It is after all the right forum! Is it a new heater or existing one? Check your gas meter to see if there's any gas flow when it is set to Pilot? I did press the knob down for 30 seconds.

au falcon heater not working

I did press the igniter but only 5 seconds, not 40 seconds, all that while the knob is down at PILOT. I guess I'll give it a try tomorrow morning. Since it is an existing heater, gas line won't suddenly get blocked. Do you know why the pilot light went out in the first place? Did someone turn off the gas main or turned off the gas heater?

Might be same problem causing re-lighting issue. Manual for your Aquamax Re-lighting instructions is in page Aquamax are owned by Rheem now and when my tank sprung a leak, their technical dept were happy to have a quick review of the situation via email. They got back to me in the same day so pretty quick, but sadly it was a writeoff.Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community.

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The time now is AM. Other than what is legally copyrighted by the respective owners, this site is copyright www. Australian Ford Forums. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read.Remember Me? What's New? Forum Technology Automotive Technology No heat working in car. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Thread: No heat working in car.

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Thread Tools Show Printable Version. The fan works fine, but no heat at all no matter how long it runs for.

Thought it may be thermostat? Never ever had a problem with it and the heat stopped working the same day I pressure washed the engine bay. Maybe I knocked off a cable or something? Anyone have any idea? Haven't looked into this in a modern car but in the old days the heater works by switching on a valve to let radiator "coolent" flow into the heater assembly. Fords usually use pneumatic hoses to switch valves for hot water, heater vents and other stuff. They are driven off manifold vacuum or air pressure of some sort.

Japanese cars tend to use cables and levers to do the same job. The problem is quite likely to be a small air hose that has split, or come off somewhere.

Originally Posted by navy blue. Yes the ford heater is vacuum operated.

au falcon heater not working

The point of the vacuum source is the intake manifold. Most likely the hose may have slipped off its fitting on the intake manifold on the engine close to the fire wall, passenger side.Got a XF Ghia wagon, and the heater doesn't work. If you manually hold down the heater tap which looks very newthe heater works brilliantly But I can't drive along and have the heater tap held down at the same time. Other then the vacuum line not being connected properly, only other thing I can think of is the vacuum line is split?

Eeek I hope not That would be dash out to try and fix I can't hear any vacuum leaks ute got one when I first put Ghia dash in and it was clearly auidable. I think we could devise a way to get it through without pulling the dash out dude.

Go for a drive, heater works. Change temp with the heater control pod, cold air. Change back to hot. Hot air. Go figure. Dads old car he used to have a ball valve plumbing tap used to turn it off in summer, and on in winter.

Have you checked for vacuum at the hose? Should be able to feel it with your finger when the switch is on. As in the temp control on the heater pod? Yeah I was surprised it still allows me to choose between hot and cold As in turn the tap around or swap which heater pipe it goes onto? That was one thought, tap is in the right way arrow points towards heater box. What I meant was, does it matter where each goes in relation to the heater box?

Can the hose from the head go on either left or right pipe, or does that affect the heater operation? Doesn't the heater tap have a cad plated cylinder on it? If so, this is the problem. Inside is a diaphragm, if it splits, heater will not operate.

New heater tap should fix it. It will have vacuum when the heater is off, this will close the heater tap to stop hot water getting to the heater core. On an XF Ghia, ZL or FE, the vacuum is controled by a solenoid valve that switches the vacuum to the heater tap light green vacuum hose. On a GL,S or Fairmont it is not the same the vacuum is controled by the temperature control directly, and the blend door and thermostat are control via a cable from the temp control.Remember Me?

What's New? Forum Technology Automotive Technology No heat working in car. Page 2 of 3 First 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 21 to 40 of Thread: No heat working in car. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Yes they are the 2 hoses, follow one them to a fitting that looks a little like a inline tap. Im going to guess its the hose going behind the engine.

Sorry about the quality of this pic from my e series workshop manual, it should be the same or similar on a BA. Ok what your looking for on one of those 2 hoses leading out of the firewall is the heater switch which should look similar to the pic above.

Its placed in line in the hose. It has a lever on it connected to the silver metal vacuum unit above the tap. They call it the vacuum motor. This silver metal vacuum motor has a small 5 or 6mm hard plastic hose connected to it. This hard plastic hose is one of the main hoses to check.

Boosted Falcon

When you select heat or cool in the car, a vacuum comes from inside to down that small hose to the vacuum motor which has a arm that moves your heater tap open or closed.

There is one more hose and that should be the vacuum source on the intake manifold as zzzzz explained. This is where your control unit inside of car gets its vacuum to drive things from. Originally Posted by zzzzz. Been reading up further on this may be an issue inside the car, whereby a "plastic rod" that opens and closes a Valve or seal i guess is broken to do with the HIM.

Originally Posted by navy blue. Refer to the pics, there are 2 going into the firewall and one on the rocker cover. Is this right???? It is that cluttered and cannot get yr hands in there and hard to see. QUOTE] thats the fuel preasure regulator under that there should be the heater valve try going underneath the car to access it. Anywhere in this region. Find it hard to believe a hose could be off and all the hoses I have seen are on real tight with tight clamps, but I am guided by u guys.

Thanks guys I do sincerely apprecaite yr help, pls excuse my lack of mechanical knowledge Cheers. No navy blue, what you have is the fuel pressure regulator as pointed out by zzzzz, the heater tap is not connected to the fuel pressure regulator, but rather further down under it.

Your close but you need to go deeper, possibly best from under the car mate.

How to Quick Flush Your Cars Cooling System

If so none on the BA, there was on the AU


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