Hk usp 40 magazine used

Originally designed for the American market, the USP Universal Self-loading Pistol has found international acceptance as an accurate and ultra-reliable handgun. Features favored by U. The controls are uniquely American, influenced by such famous designs as the Government Model pistol. All USPs use a fiber-reinforced polymer frame stiffened by stainless steel inserts at areas subject to stress and friction.

HK pioneered this use of polymer materials in the production of handguns more than 30 years ago with the development of the VP70Z and P9S pistols. The USP control lever, a combination safety and decocking lever, is frame mounted and quickly accessible, unlike the slide-mounted safeties common on many semi-automatic pistols.

HK Pistol Magazine Information, Part 1 of 3

Using a modified Browning-type action with a special patented recoil reduction system, the USP recoil reduction system reduces recoil effects on pistol components and also lowers the recoil forces felt by the shooter.

This same recoil reduction system has been tested and proven in the HK Mark 23 pistol developed for the U. Special Operations Command. The USP recoil reduction system is insensitive to ammunition types and requires no special adjustment or maintenance. It functions effectively in all USP models. The USP can also be converted from one type of trigger firing mode to another.

Control lever decocking lever on left side of frame. Control lever decocking lever on right side of frame. Control lever manual safety on left side of frame. Control lever manual safety on right side of frame. Part No. Find a Dealer. Read More. Learn More. Caliber Without magazine Magazine 9 mm x 19 g First Defense Firearms. Main Street Uxbridge MA Recon Rifleworks.

hk usp 40 magazine used

Main Street Gallatin TN Order by:. Available to:. This was used in Trade shows for HK. They were not released to the public. These came out of an ex-HK employees collection. There are a lot of people out there who have logo items printed up at their local printers. There are some rips and cracking in the material from use.

It can be easily patched from the rear. Price has been reduced accordingly. These are Very hard to come by. Get it while you can! Which will include delivery confirmation USPS. If bidding from out of U. Paypal only. Thanks and Good Luck Bidding! The pictures do not do it justice. The pictures show items in the room reflecting from I hard to fit in one picture. This would make a Great Display piece in your Game Room. Paypal only Thanks and Good Luck Bidding!

As you see in the title. Only a limited number were made and sold as part of a special production run of pistols. This case is like-new, it's been stored empty for years now and only rarely examined or shown off for bragging rights. The only damage is not actually to the case but to the cardboard box which has tears at the corners in both the lower and upper halves and some light marks on the exterior as seen in the photos. Two keys, still in a plastic baggy are included.

HK pistol and coin are, of course, not included. Just a note: the flash makes the case and interior look lighter than it really is, the light red cloth is more of a burgundy in person. Offered with no reserve. Be sure to check my store for more HK Factory parts. Any questions about this item. Call or text me Date code of"IS" marked"7. Not a cut down, hack job- Quality Factory Magazine.Order by:. Available to:.

Choose Model. Leather Small of Back Sob Holster. Click to close full size. Color and size information. Featuring a unique speed-cut design.

The patented SERPA Auto Lock release delivers unparalleled weapon security and is automatically positioned to facilitate a correct drawing motion, making it the perfect Level 2 retention holster for concealed carry. Reinforces full master grip and superior draw technique.

Immediate retention and audible click upon re-holster for security. Speed-cut design allows rapid draw, target acquisition, and re-holster while keeping eyes on target. Includes belt loop and paddle platform. About us Thanks for your interest. It is our goal to ensure that your purchase is processed and shipped as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Not only is it our goal. It is our commitment. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions- we are here to help. Take care and stay safe!

The eCop! Police Supply eBay Team For more great deals checkout out our store! Shipping Your item will be processed and shipped generally within business days- visit our for detailed information from one of our multiple shipping centers located in the U. If you have purchased multiple items. Your entire order may not ship in the same shipment or may not ship from the same shipping center. Some things to keep in mind: We cannot ship orders to alternate a. Level II Plus.This 9 round replacement magazine is for your USP P firearm.

Retail Price : The newest option on the most ergonomic striker fired handgun available, the VP9-B in 9mm.

hk usp 40 magazine used

VP9 9mm 4. Ergonomic grip design that includes three changeable backstraps and six side panels for The HK The VP9 breaks ground with its integration of a unique striker firing system with an enhanced HK light pull trigger. The net result is a pistol with custom-fit ergonomics with trigger quality But even a pretty good copy is still just a copy. The truth is, you can only get a real HK from HK. Get the look and feel of the legendary HK used by the worlds most elite fighting forces in a semi-automatic.

HK partnered with Umarex of Germany to bring you the best, most realistic Best-in-class trigger— The VP trigger surpasses those found on competitors. It has a short, light take-up with a solid, single action type break followed by a short positive reset. Striker Fired— Striker fired. Ergonomic grip design that includes three changeable backstraps and six side panels for customization.

Molded finger grooves in the front of grip. Slide release and magazine release HK MR, 7. G28 buttstock, Feel great, shoot great. Introducing the newest option on the most ergonomic striker fired handgun available.

Heckler & Koch .45 ACP Magazines

Lite LEM trigger. Fiber reinforced polymer frame. Polygonal bore. Corrosion proof. Oversized trigger guard. One piece machined slide made from nitro-carburized steel. Mil0STD Picatinny rail The SP5K is designed to meet the definition of a The P30 is one of the most modern police pistols of our time. During its development, the most important requirements were flexibility, functionality and safety.

Ergonomics of the grip have been Like its 5. Using the HK-proprietary operating Allows visual check of round status. Long lifeThe protrusion on the front of these magazines has a bad habit of hooking things — especially other magazines in the mag pouch. Kit does not include the pistol or magwell shown. Due to US State Department restrictions, we cannot ship this part internationally. Well made and well priced. These are the best USP mag extensions on the market.

Picked up one of these to try. Installation was easy and it does fit the rounds as claimed. However, with the factory magazine spring, it will not lock the slide open on empty, even manually cycling the action.

Not a big deal. I picked up a replacement 18rd factory spring for the extended factory magazines and then it worked as expected. I think there should either be an extended spring included with the base pad or make it clear in the product description that you need to replace the spring when installing. I suggest buying the springs for the 18 round mags from hk parts if you are upgrading the 15 round stock mags.

If you are upgrading the 18rnd mag to 21 rnds, I recommend buying the 30 round spring hk parts again and trimming it 1. Using the spring settups I mentioned above, the slide will lock back, and the mags will run just as well. Without it, it won't lock back on the last round. Toggle menu Login or Sign Up 0. You save. Current Stock:. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:.

Share This Article. Product Videos. Custom Field. You May Also Like Quick view Details. Taylor Freelance.

HK USP 40 - Magazines & Parts

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hk usp 40 magazine used

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