Logitech g25 no power

This is my very first instructable of a serie I wish to be long and useful! Please forgive my english which may sometimes be not so great.

How to make your old Logitech G25, G27, or Driving Force GT work on PS4

Some of you may have this simulation driving steering wheel from Logitech. It is probably a bit outdated now, but it is really a nice wheel, precise and well manufactured. G25 is the oldest version, while G27 is a bit more recent. They both are basically the same, although I prefer the G25 since you can chose between manual sequential shifter and full manual transmission.

This tutorial will describe how I repaired it. Actually I did this a few years ago so I'm sorry if some pictures of the process are missing, I wasn't really thinking about making it an instructable at that time. As usual, the safety tips: Take care with any hack involving electricity, If you die doing my instructable I'll be deeply sorry, but it will be Darwin's fault, not mine.

This steering wheel usually starts by calibrating itself, so that it finds automatically the center spot. In my case, I had two symptoms:. Calibration is done by traveling from one direction until the wheel hits the first endstop, then going backwards until it reaches the second endstop, then deducing the middle by counting the total steps between both divided by two.

After opening the case, I found out that the number of steps was determined by a little "encoder wheel", similar to what existed in our computer ball mouses before IR diodes became the standard. This wheel is mounted directly on the shaft of one of the two motors. I found out that the cause of all my problems was this little encoder wheel. Due to the heat of the motor, I guess the wheel got stressed out and finally splitted, so it was slipping on the motor shaft, thus missing steps.

The main cause of the issues I had was that the wheel was running too hot, so I had to find a solution to keep the inside as cool as possible. I used the followings:. Finally, I took this opportunity to try to improve a little bit the look by adding some carbon vinyl on the case as well as the gearbox flappy paddles. I didn't really like the cold feeling of the aluminium paddles while driving and moreover, I always thought that the fact that the pallets are turning with the wheel was really annoying because you sometimes don't know where they are.

So I thought wrapping them with red carbon would make them more visible. Actually, if I had to redo this thing again I would probably pick up different colors for each one, It would probably look ugly but it would prevent me from confusing down and up, which can happens sometimes since the wheel can steer up to degrees. I won't put the prices or links to the parts, It would not be relevant since I live in China, but all of those are pretty cheap and easy to find.

I'm sorry for not having detailed picture nor process of this step, but it is actually pretty easy. The only tricky part is that you have to remove the steering wheel from the steering column to be able to open the case. All of this can be done with a long "cross screwdriver". Once the case is opened, put the circuit motherboard face to you and look at the right motor. You will see a little plastic enclosure at its bottom. The encoder wheel is inside.

Just remove the plastic cover, and then the little electronic circuit. Take care not to damage it during the process and put it aside. Check if your encoder wheel can be repaired. The first time I repaired mine, I tried to put some loctite glue on the wheel. It worked for a while, but broke down again a few month later so I don't recommend this method.

The second time, I decided to go for a more durable solution and to have it laser cut. I ve considered 3D printing but the resolution would be impossible to get so you can forget that.I decided this was way too much hassle for most people to go through, and I could make up a bunch of adapters relatively easily yeah, right.

Is there any way to check the firmware is flashed properly? Are you the guy I sent a replacement to? Please email me on my PayPal address if you are still having trouble. Sometimes the issue is as simple as plugging things in in the wrong order.

I find that I need to plug the Arduino into the PS4 last, otherwise it may fail to initialize properly. Make sure the wiring between the CP and the Arduino is correct. Hi steve, ive just purchase just now under order and ive place a wrong postal code please help me update.

My question is, are you able to ship the product to Hungary? I have a G27 wheel, and I dont want to throw it away…. I dont want to off the conversation with HU words, good to see you are Hungarian too. I saw you have a full bundle, with complete setup around 60 USD.

Is that available too? Yes, the pnp solution is available. It has been on backorder, but I just got a new supply so I can ship end of this week or beginning of next. A regi kommentem csak az adapterre vonatkozott. Azt most mar nem arulom kulon, csak a raspbetty pi csomagot. Erre dragabb a posta, mert nem fer be boritekba.

Ha csak az usb adapter kell, meg van egy-ketto amit el tudnek kuldeni. De a raspberry pi teljesebb csomag, nem kell laptop, csak bedugod s mukodik. Szoljal, hogy pontosan melyik termek erdekel, es kuldom. A paypal cimemre is irhatsz. Hi, im interested in trying to get my gt wheel working.

logitech g25 no power

I have rpi3 and just bought a cp usb to ttl I have a minimus avr usb that i used years ago for ps3 jig…would this work? Read up on the gimx wiki.

Help: Logitech G25 Power Adapter Solutions

If so how much is this and how does it work? How much is it and how does it work? Enjoy your old wheel on your PS4! You can place a new order with your updated address.Start your question with What, Why, How, Whenetc. Need power supply and threaded post for tightening center clamp. GL on the allthread post. Power supply for logitech driving force steering wheel It's OK to use a power supply with a bigger current capacity than needed.

If you find once with, say, 24V and 1. I have just Power supply 4 logitech momo wheel force Powersupply for logitech momo. Logitech Wheel And Pedals Set. I purchased the logitech-momo racing steering wheel and pedals secon hand but there is no cd to use for activation? Can you send me a way to download information so that this equiipment may be used??

PC Desktops. Need power supply for the red logitech momo force feedback steering wheel. Can U help? The device will only use what amperage it requires. No force feedback on momo racing wheel Make sure its plugged in to the power adapter and install the logitech software, then you should be able to open up game controllers on windows and run a test there for the force feedback etc.

G25 Wheel No Longer Responsive I have this problem and i emailed logitech, they told me to send the wheel back to the dealer for a replacement Sorry no solution but related query: Can you please tell me the rating and polarity of the logitech G25 steering power supply?

G25 steering wheel not working Feeling pretty silly. Computer Games. Logitech Momo Force Feedback - out of center My momo force feedback wheel also pulls quickly to the left ,then when i try to assign controls in race driver 3 before i have time to assign a control it auto pick axis y for everything i cant seem to find a fix Cant use G25 Wheel with stand alone game pad No force feed back on momo logitech wheel for GTR Driving force pro wont work on my ps3 The correct voltage output on the power supply is 24 volts and.

Center positive outside sleeve negative. Hope this helps. Won't start up All signs point to a power supply that has gone away. I need power supply. I need a manual or product number for power supply power supply order The Power Supply used in a Compaq Presario is a Watt model.Start your question with What, Why, How, Whenetc.

Answers :. Logitech G25 No power, I have just Logitech G25 steering wheel Resets from time to time These wheels I have no experience with, but my gues is if it uses batteries or plugs in, the batteries are dead or the plug is losing connection.

Logitech PC Game Controllers. Power supply for logitech driving force steering wheel It's OK to use a power supply with a bigger current capacity than needed. If you find once with, say, 24V and 1.

G25 Wheel No Longer Responsive I have this problem and i emailed logitech, they told me to send the wheel back to the dealer for a replacement Motor Replacement One of the motors, and one of the power mosfets in my G25 failed, so it can only turn one direction with one motor. Does anyone out there know what kind of motor this thing uses? I imagine it is a 12v. I googled the numbers on it, but nothing came up. Sorry no solution but related query: Can you please tell me the rating and polarity of the logitech G25 steering power supply?

Logitech g25 wheel Logitech G25 Racing Wheel. No power, power lights on but no sound etc? Back when I worked for a company that sold Logitech speakers the most common faulty with the X series was a small fuse that would bl Logitech X Computer Speakers.

ITunes will not play songs on my Logitech speakers You can disable the sleep mode when you close the lid. The mains transformer in my Logitech x has blown oc on the primary.

I've taken it out and its a simple single coil primary and secondary, but there are no markings on it to indicate the secondary voltage. Can you help? Hi everyone. I'm the guy that had his logitech X system drowned in hurricane Irene. As a result of the unfortunate fact that my speakers never learned to swim, the transformer shorted out, which of course means no power.

I tried logitech, and whil When the joystick is powered and detected by the computer, the handle will self center and there will be resistance when you move it.Pages: 1 2.

logitech g25 no power

Read times. Anybody know where I can get a replacement power supply for my G25 same as G27? I have a problem with mine. It started out that my G25 would turn itself off and back on whenever certain light switches in my house were turned on or off regardless of where I had it plugged in, and has now progressed to the point where it just does it randomly.

Happened last night on the 2nd last lap of race 1, luckily I was lonely on the track at the time and it didn't cause issues for anybody else, but it ruined my chance of a 5th place finished. I have a mate who recently bought a second hand G27 and he brought it around here for testing purposes and it didn't have any problems, so we swapped power supplies and then my one was fine and his started doing the same thing, so it seems the power supply is at fault. Problem is, I can't seem to find a replacement unit for any kind of reasonable price in Australia ie.

Rolz Guest. No chance of getting a universal powersupply from Jaycar? Just match the output voltage, amps and plug, or manually change plug yourself? Yeah I've had a look and it doesn't look like they have anything that can do the 1.

Well, they've got a 2. Member Posts: Karma: 3. Not local mate. Couple G27's going on feebay pretty cheap.

Repair and Upgrade a Logitech G25/G27 Wheel

Might be the best option as you get spare pots etc I guessed voltage was 12v but you can see there is some stuff out there. Do you reckon this would do the job? Quote from: rooshooter on March 18,PM.

Vut7gubmzFs I would say worth a try. OK I've ordered that one. Fingers crossed!Discussion in ' General Hardware ' started by peterattheboroJun 20, Log in or Sign up. Overclockers UK Forums. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Learn More. Logitech G25 power adapter help Discussion in ' General Hardware ' started by peterattheboroJun 20, Show only OP. Jun 20, at PM 1. Hi guys. I've lost my G25 power lead when i've packed it away and I have no idea where it's got to. I've asked a few suppliers if they'll sell me one and i've had no joy.

logitech g25 no power

Even got in touch with Logitech and they've told me to do one. However, they kindly sent me some specifications for a replacement lead which I could buy from a competitor. Jun 20, at PM 2. Jun 20, at PM 3. It's an option but are they actually good? Also is it just any universal, switchable power adapter that I need? Jun 20, at PM 4. Jun 20, at PM 5. Cleveland buddy. Jun 20, at PM 6. Last edited: Jun 20, Jun 20, at PM 7. Wow, if it's not too much trouble.Forum User profiles.

I'd like to share this guide I found after my G25 wheel died. Symptoms Shifter power light blinks, then remains dim after USB insert Pedals and all shifter buttons working via Logitech Profiler Replaced PSU, same problem exists Smell of burning Cause Inadequate self-cleaning provisions made when manufacturing the DC FFB motors, if the wheel has been left sitting in a moist environment a buildup of carbon dust inside the motors causes shorting of the PCB.

Plug in USB — both leds come on briefly, then the power led goes off. Plug in power — right led comes on and flashes slowly about 12 times, then continues to flash at double speed — no wheel movement. It seemed my motor with the encoder was shorting out the power. I had measured the resistance across the motors and found that the one with the encoder was only 5 ohms and I almost gave up at this point but decided to open up the motor to see what caused the pyrotechnics.

I cleaned this out and measured the individual coils — now all were around 17 ohms. I also cleaned out the left motor with some solvent spray and finally both motors measured ohms.

I applied 24V and they worked perfectly! In a previous life, I was a service engineer for Agfa imagesetters, which used two DC motors in a similar way, to tension film across a roller.

This kept the brushes and commutator in good condition. I think the carbon dust from the motor brushes had turned into a conductive mud in this time it was in a smokey damp atmosphere in my garage and that shorted out the MOSFET transistors that drive them.

Not the greatest soldering job in the world - but it worked. Fixed PCB These power transistors are the last thing in the chain, before the motor, so always very likely to be the cause of a stationary wheel. If your motors run for any time then the encoder is probably ok. Another thing I discovered, the hard way, is that the rack and pinion gears need to be aligned properly.

The rack should move fully to the left and right. Shame on Logitech for ignoring the problem. Had this problem with mine and fixed it using this guide, if anyone has a problem after doing this check my thread.


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