Veera episode 530

The Episode starts with Anmol saying he will win today.

Veera Ek Veer Ki Ardaas Episode 12 – DekhoDramaTV

Dev comes and says you have fake hope, you will be disqualified Anmol. Ranvi says no, give him a chance, I want to win by my talent, not my disqualifying him, I have to see how he wins based on votes. Dev says fine, if you want this, I will see you on stage. Ranvi says its last hurdle in our war, lets see who wins and whose talent is big. Anmol says you did big mistake, I lost many times, but not today, I will win this competition.

They come on the stage. Dev says its time for results now. Anmol gets 82 lakhs votes. Ranvi looks on waiting for his votes. Everyone pray for Ranvi and is tensed. Ranvi gets 95 lakh votes and wins. Everyone smile and is very happy for Ranvi. They clap for him. Ranvi smiles. Anmol is shocked and angry. Dev declares Ranvi as the winner. Ratan hugs Veera and Gunjan. Dev brings the trophy. Ranvi thanks everyone.The Episode starts with Bansuri telling Baldev about Veera going out at night and lying to her.

He says he does not care. Veera comes to meet Rajveer at the police station, and says she made laddoos for him, he is the only one whom she can share this, she made this for him. He eats it and likes it. She holds her hand and I felt nice meeting your yesterday, I got a friend in you, thanks for support.

He says I m always with you at every phase. She acts like being hurt and he asks what happened. She says nothing. He sees the red marks and says it looks like someone has twisted your hand. She thinks how applied makeup. She tells him that Baldev has beaten her. Rajveer says how dare he, I will kill him. She says leave it, Baldev is going to jail, he killed Nihaal Chachu and he will get punished, as court date is getting near.

She asks Rajveer about Baldev going to jail. Click here for full Friday spoilers.

veera episode 530

She asks what do you mean, can this happen he can go to jail without evidence. Rajveeer says I can do anything, I mean I will try. She asks what. He says lets not talk more, meet me at my home, we will talk there to get Baldev punished. She says fine, I will leave. He says tonight. She says yes and leaves thinking Rajveer will tell me how to frame Baldev and I will know how to save my Baldev.

Bansuri hears everything and is shocked knowing Veera and Rajveer are framing Baldev. Ratan thinks about Nihaal and cries. Ranvi comes to help her. Ranvi says he knows her pain. Ranvi says Nihaal did not go away from us, he was killed, I promise I will get his murderer punished.Welcome to Narutoget!

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Precap: The couple takes the baby girl away from ranvijay to which he argues that its his sister and for that sarpanch scolds his son… The couple demnds sarpanch to give punishment o ranvijay for his and sarpanch says he is too small and for his deed, his parents are responsible so i will accept any punishment from you. Post a Comment Your comments are welcome.

veera episode 530

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Episode 530

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Create You could create the next great Episode story.The Episode starts with Veera telling Baldev that she is ready to marry him.

He lifts her happily. She says she will talk to Ranvi. He smiles and thanks the Lord. Bansuri is shocked hearing them.

She moves and a pot breaks.

veera episode 530

Veera and Baldev hug and does not see her. She thinks to leave else they will think she is spying on them. She falls and gets hurt. She hides from them. Baldev and Veera leave. She says what will happen when Veera comes in my home. Ratan does her work in the village and asks the men to start the work soon. She is tired and looks at the sun. She sweats and is unable to walk. She slips and Nihaal holds her. They have an eyelock.

He says he will drop her home and see all the work. They walk towards the home. He asks her not to do the work, as he is here. She says once Ranvi comes back, he will do all the work. He says but he is in Mumbai. Ranvi is annoyed with Gunjan. Gunjan asks him to talk to her. He sits to have food. She asks him to think music is his passion. He says he can do this being in Pind also, whats the need to stay here. She says its needed, everything is here. He says yes, this does not matter to me, I want to go to my pind, my family.

Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap - महाराणा प्रताप - Episode 525 - 17th November, 2015

They argue. He says he has booked their tickets and he will end his recordings tomorrow. Gunjan cries and talks to Bansuri. She says Ranvi has broken all my dreams and he is not talking to me.

Bansuri asks her to be good to Ranvi, he wants to come to Pind, let him come, you can take him back to Mumbai, I will help you. Gunjan asks are you sure. Bansuri says yes sure. Bansuri says come soon, I need to talk something important.Armed Response. Help Whats Killing Me. My Beautiful Laundrette.

Trailer Park Boys The Movie. Edge of Honor. I Witness. Oyster Farmer. Before I Go.

Full Cast & Crew

Dark Waters. Panama Patrol. Madam Secretary. Pavitra Rishta. Moone Boy. Person of Interest. Hit The Floor. Hulk And The Agents of S. The Almighty Johnsons. Jane the Virgin. Modern Family. The Grinder. Pretty Little Liars. Ek Veer Ki Ardaas Veera English: A Brother's Prayer Veera is an Indian television soap opera, which airs on Star Plus. The series premiered on 29 October and stars Digangana Suryavanshi and Shivin Narang in the lead roles as brother and sister.

The series concerns Veera and her elder brother Ranvijay. Serial Concept: Veera is based on brother sister relationship that's why it has been re-titled as Veera means elder brother.

The show will begin with the leads as children and then they will grow up post leap. The story will narrate struggles and events in their life. Veera is the story that challenges this postulate and glorifies another relation, which is the building block of a family, the bond between a brother and a sister. Veera is a story of complex human relations but narrated through the simple lens of the innocent love between Ranvijay who becomes a mother-figure for his sister Veera.

The love between Veera and Ranvijay will become a beacon of hope for people. The show will begin with children and the story will take a leap showing the struggle and events of life. Watch Movies and Tv Shows for free. Random Movies Armed Response. Episode list All seasons Season 1.


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